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How to Take Care of Denver Onyx Countertops

July 5, 2017

Onyx is not as popular as other luxurious countertop materials such as granite, silestone, and quartz. As a result, there isn’t as much information out there about this stone, and many people who choose onyx countertops in Denver aren’t sure how to take care of them once they’ve been installed. Here’s a guide on how to preserve the beauty of your onyx countertops for years to come:

Your countertops should always be sealed.

Applying a sealant protects your countertops from harm and preserve the shiny appearance that you fell in love with. It’s important to ensure that your countertops are sealed when they are installed. Most contractors think of sealing the countertops as part of the installation process, but you can never be too sure. If you already have onyx countertops installed but they aren’t sealed, call a professional instead of applying the sealant on your own.

Clean on a regular basis.

Onyx is a soft stone, so it can easily be damaged when exposed to acids or other types of liquids. Keep a close eye on your countertops and clean them on a regular basis to prevent stains and etching. You will need to choose your cleaning supplies wisely. Don’t use any household cleaner that is designed for windows or other types of countertops. In fact, it’s best to stay away from all household cleaners because they typically contain acids that can damage your onyx countertops. Instead, look for a natural cleaning product that is designed specifically for soft stones like onyx. When in doubt, it’s always best to reach out to your stone supplier to find out what they recommend.

Use proper cleaning techniques.

After you’ve found a cleaner that will work well on your countertops, spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth instead of spraying it directly on the countertop. Then, gently wipe down the surface once to remove liquids and debris. Wipe it down once more to remove any excess cleaner that is still lingering on the surface. Be sure to remove the excess cleaner instead of letting it absorb into your countertops, which could lead to damage. Learn more about the care of onyx countertops.

Be cautious.

Onyx is not quite as durable as other materials, so it’s necessary to be cautious around this stone. If you have onyx in your kitchen, always use a cutting board instead of cutting food directly on top of your countertops. Don’t put hot pots or pans directly on the countertop, either. If you spill any liquids, try to wipe them up as quickly as possible so they don’t have time to absorb into the onyx.
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