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Color Scheme Ideas for Your Redesign and Bathroom Cabinets in Denver

April 11, 2018

When you add premier bathroom cabinets in Denver to your home, you’re investing in a wonderful transformation of  your space. As you add in new cabinets and possibly counters, it’s the optimal time to change the color to match. From there, you can also change the décor to put all of the puzzle pieces together. Learn about different quality bathroom cabinet options, color schemes to choose from, and how to coordinate design and décor.

Considerations for New Bathroom Cabinets

Prior to making any decisions about your bathroom counters, you need to assess your space and needs. Do you have enough space, or do you need to increase or reduce it? What additions could you make that would help you better organize your bathroom? Also, what look and feel are you interested in? Take the time to do your research to look at bathroom cabinets and talk to your local cabinet installer.

For sinks, you can choose a stand-alone single vanity, or a double is great for couples. It can sit on the ground or you can change the look by mounting it to the wall. When it comes to additional cabinets, consider lining a wall with working cabinet space, followed by a taller cabinet that you can add in additional items. Your cabinet installation company can help you determine the best layout to make your space functional.

Top Color Scheme Ideas

After you choose your bathroom cabinets, you can use that and the color of new countertops to determine what to do with your walls! If you have a lighter shade of counter, consider a lighter color scheme. For bathrooms, shades of grey and blue are popular. If your cabinets are also light, this gives you more room to be playful with colors. Consider a sunny yellow or teal. Another great idea is to add in an accent wall. Accent walls can be made from designer wallpaper, wood, tile, or even just a different color painted onto the wall.

Design and Décor

For the icing on the cake, sprinkle in new décor that will make the space completely new. First, make sure you update all finishes to be consistent. These will be your knobs, faucets, shower heads, etc. Choose one color, such as a brushed nickel, and make it consistent throughout. Next, add lighting that can transform the space. You can incorporate a chandelier, or if there isn’t room, can lights for overhead lighting. For your bathroom mirror, add lights around it or behind it to illuminate as you are getting ready. Consider putting some of the lighting on a dimmer for a relaxing environment!

When you are ready to start your bathroom remodel, HTI Granite and Cabinetry is your Denver go-to. You can explore our cabinets gallery for ideas and inspiration and we’ll help you every step of the way with your project.  We serve the Denver metro area, as well as surrounding areas and even locations in Wyoming. We’d love to help you! Get started and call us today at 303-592-9090.