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Some Considerations for Your Denver Bathroom Remodeling Project

August 15, 2018

If you have finally decided to take the plunge and get started on your Denver bathroom remodeling project, you should get ready to make a lot of decisions. Some decisions, such as flooring, paint color, and cabinetry, are big decisions and a well-known part of the process. But other decisions are the little things that can really make your bathroom the space of your dreams on a day-to-day basis.
Here are some of the other items that will need to be a part of the decision process that you might not have considered before getting started on your bathroom remodeling project.

The Privacy Factor

If you are redoing your master bathroom, it is likely going to be a shared space so privacy should be a factor. Consider making a space—with a door—for the toilet. Also known as a water closet, this means that someone can be at the counter getting ready while the other person uses the facilities—in private.
There has been a recent trend to leave the door off the master bathroom. This is certainly a personal preference, but keep in mind that if you like the open look, future homebuyers down the road may bypass your home because of this lack of privacy.

The Heated Floor

With the tendency toward larger bathrooms these days, they can seem cold. A heated floor is a great way to warm up the space and make it comfortable to walk barefoot—even during the coldest winter months.
To help with your decision, read what home improvement expert Scott McGillivray has to say about heated bathroom floors in this article, Heated Bathroom Floors—Should You or Shouldn’t You?

The Double Sink Vanity

If possible, make the space for a double sink vanity. This is another item that is high on potential homebuyers’ list of wants, which you should keep in mind for potentially selling the house in the future. Two sinks are a must for making it easier for a couple to both get ready in the morning.

Large Shower Versus Shower and Tub

There is a trend today toward enormous showers with multiple showerheads, but if you like to take baths too, you might want to consider the standard five-piece bath. You can still make a luxurious shower that is “average-sized” so that you have enough room for a nice tub for soaking.
If you’re leaning toward a stand-alone shower that is open at one side, there will probably be a puddle on the floor every day so consider the flow of traffic in and out of the bathroom. You might be hard-pressed to find the appropriate kind of mat for that, so it could be a slipping hazard.
The team of professionals at HTI Granite and Cabinetry can help you get your bathroom remodeling project on track. Whether new cabinets, countertops, or a full renovation of your space, let us guide you through the process. Add value to your home while feeling confident in our ability to address the functionality and beauty of the space and the assurance in your contractor to get job done right and to your standards. Contact HTI Granite & Cabinetry for a more information on remodeling your bathroom into the spa-like space you’ve always wanted.