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6 Tips You Should Consider for Bathroom Remodeling

Completing a bathroom remodeling project will not only improve your property value but it may also enhance your daily living. First, if you’re struggling for counter or storage space, creating a new design could help improve both. In addition, choosing where best to spend your budget may help create the dream primary bath, or guest space, that also serves to help the family. Every situation is unique, but there’s no doubt that any remodeling project takes work and ensuring that the outcome presents homeowners with the best experience possible is always key.

Viewing bathroom before and after pics can truly be inspiring for individuals who can’t seem to picture what the finished product will look like once complete. No matter their perceived design components, it’s hard to actually get a good feel for a project until it is finished. In fact, trusting the process can be one of the most stressful aspects when undergoing a remodel of any shape and size. Fortunately, there are a handful of tips to consider prior to diving into your bathroom mix up.

1. Plan

Having a plan of action is extremely important prior to beginning any type of remodel but especially in the bathroom. Not only do you need to have an alternate source for personal hygiene and potty breaks but anticipating any delays can also help to reduce stress associated with such an undertaking.

2. Backup Plan

On top of your initial plan, homeowners should also have a backup plan for any unexpected hiccups in the process. Depending on the depth of your overhaul, there may be some steps which require expanding the budget - especially if attempting to re-route water lines or install additional toilets or sinks throughout the space.

3. Research

Ensure that you research all appropriate materials and ultimately select what works best for your given situation. Having a well thought out plan is great, but homeowners should also be knowledgeable of their desires and the ability to turn their dreams into reality.

4. Materials

The scope of your remodeling project may allow for a more central focus on materials. For example, if you are only replacing countertops then this is the sole highlight of the space. However, if you are switching out toilets, sinks, fixtures, tubs, showers, etc. then a materials list is likely to expand considerably.

5. Colors

Neurtral and earth tones have recently been popular in bathrooms across new constructions as many homeowners who purchased properties built during the 1960’s are faced with replacing pastel colors. No matter your preference, selecting the main colors for a bathroom should be decided prior to beginning any remodeling project.

6. Space

Space is also an important factor to consider as your project moves forward. Depending on the current square footage, adding additional useful space - be it by countertop, floor, or storage, can help to improve the overall effectiveness of a bathroom.

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