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Denver Countertops: Contrasting Surfaces Offer Multiple Possibilities

February 19, 2020

Denver Countertops: Contrasting Surfaces Offer Multiple Possibilities
There are many new trends in kitchen design but the latest mixes practicality with flair. Serving as one of the most important rooms in the entire home, the kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends and often the central focus area for any occasion. Yes, there may be an outdoor entertainment space or living room available for the overflow but as the crowds gather it is often around the table, bar, island, or any other surface in the kitchen holding food.

Kitchens are also often one of the first spaces a visitor encounters when he or she makes their way into your home. No matter if the individual is family, friend, or an unknown, they are typically welcomed or made to feel at home by their surroundings. For these reasons, kitchens have evolved into the most important room of the home and their design style should reflect their modern relevance. While kitchens have not always served as a place for the entire family to gather, and instead were workstations for those responsible for cooking and preparing the meals, the transition is a welcome one and should last well into the future.

One of the more modern trends now being seen across kitchen design revolves around surfaces and their uniqueness. Contrasting materials and colors from the wall lining cabinets to an island or bar is the newest trend and one that serves a variety of different purposes.

The ability to utilize your kitchen as a workspace is something that a few people will forget when initiating the design process. Remember, not only do you want this area to look its best but creating a functional space is also extremely important. 

Using wood on an island and formulating a natural cutting board can be a great coordination with your existing natural stone countertops. In addition, using two different materials can also help to provide a distinct look and alternate available function.

Look and Design
A contrasting kitchen island can be from surface material to color selection. Depending on the already existing color patterns for your style, making a statement with a focal piece provided by your island and the hue selected is becoming a popular modern scheme.

Not only can using two contrasting colors help to add some pop to your room but if you have a traditional white, grey color scheme or something with lighter tones, using the colored island option can help to potentially ease some battles between parties responsible for designing their new kitchen.

Suppose one party likes the clean cut white lines with a light countertop and the other involved individual wants colorful countertops with a different surface material. With the current modern trends, each can get what they want and still be considered within the modern design process, making compromising even easier in today’s market.

If you’re ready to enhance an existing kitchen with a countertop remodeling project or undertaking the designs for a brand new kitchen, then look no further than the highly qualified experts at HTI Granite and Cabinetry. Serving the Denver and surrounding areas, including Wyoming, for years, we’re here to help and assist with any bathroom or kitchen remodeling or construction project you have in mind. Able to offer both suggestions and provide a look at what your future kitchen or bathroom can be, our quality countertops will be a welcome addition to your home. A lifetime of memories and functionality, upgrading to granite or one of our other extremely serviceable countertop surfaces will be one of the best decisions you’ve made. Feel free to contact us today in order to get started or call 1-866-707-7772 prior to visiting our showroom and see what the future has in store for your rooms today.