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Kitchen Cabinets Denver Homeowners Prefer: Framed or Frameless?

April 26, 2017

Kitchen Cabinets Denver Homeowners Prefer: Framed or Frameless?
The kitchen cabinets Denver homeowners typically select and install assert a significant influence on the function of your kitchen and the appearance of your home. Determining whether to get framed or frameless kitchen cabinets is a fundamental decision that you must make when designing your kitchen. If you are fulfilling a kitchen remodeling project, you should learn about the differences and advantages between framed and frameless kitchen cabinets.

Framed Cabinets

Lasting Impressions and Reliable Materials

Framed kitchen cabinets provide many advantages. These cabinets enable experts to install outer rails and center stiles on the front face of the cabinet box, with frames being generally 1 to 2 inches wide, and the frames then surround and enclose each cabinet. Having top kitchen remodeling companies install frames can ensure your cabinets are strong the sturdy in their installation. The cabinet doors are generally attached to the frame face, which enhances the stability of the cabinets, strengthens the doors, and prevents the cabinets from sagging or becoming dislodged. As a result, the improved durability and longevity provided by the frames can enable your cabinets to remain intact and to function properly for an extensive period of time.

Desirable and Functional Design

Framed kitchen cabinets can also adorn the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. The versatility of design options can allow you to customize a unique framing style that is most conducive for your aesthetic preferences and that can most effectively complement the features of your kitchen. The designs and colors of many frames can enrich the appearance of your kitchen and the atmosphere of your home with a lavish beauty and a graceful elegance. However, you can also have the frames blend in with the cabinets more naturally by using partial or full overlay patterns. Whereas full overlay patterns conceal the frames, partial overlay patterns reveal the edges of the frames to create a flush and uniform appearance.

Frameless Cabinets

Use of Space

You can also have premier kitchen remodeling companies install frameless cabinets. Because frameless cabinets do not feature a face frame, the doors are instead connected directly to the cabinet box so all you can see are the flat cabinet doors and drawers. Frameless cabinets can increase the amount of space that is available inside. For instance, the lack of rails surrounding the cabinets or streaking down the middle of the cabinets increases the amount of open space to utilize. As a result, these frameless cabinets can enable you to easily store all of your kitchen items and utensils in the designated drawers or cabinets - while creating a display and design of your own with dishes, glassware, china, or crystal.

Ease of Access

Installing frameless kitchen cabinets can also improve the accessibility of your cabinets. When you reach into framed cabinets, the rails and stiles can sometimes obstruct your hands and make it relatively difficult to quickly grab the items you need while cooking and preparing meals. In contrast, the lack of rails and stiles in frameless cabinets provides easy accessibility because each cabinet and drawer contains open space. The accessibility of frameless cabinets can allow you to more quickly and conveniently grab plates, pots, pans, sauces, and utensils as you are maneuvering around the kitchen.  

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