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Advantages of Undermount Bathroom Sinks

June 7, 2017

Remodeling your bathroom can help with a lot of things. By enhancing the appearance of your bathroom, you can increase the overall value of your home, improve the efficiency of your morning routine and add storage to make your new bathroom perfect. One of the most important decisions when remodeling a bathroom is determining which type of sink to install. Many people are choosing undermount sinks as their top choice when planning their renovation. If you are fulfilling a bathroom remodeling project, you should learn about the many advantages that accompany Denver undermount sinks.

Appearance & Design

The top Denver remodeling companies can install undermount sinks in your bathroom. Instead of an overmount sink that is elevated above the countertop, an undermount sink is installed directly into the countertop. The edge lips of the sink are hidden below the countertop surface, the body of the sink hangs below the countertop, and this creates a smooth and seamless transition in which the countertop merges neatly into the sink. The ability for the sink to remain submerged and concealed beneath the countertop prevents the sink from obscuring or obstructing the design of your countertop. Learn more about bathroom sinks and vanities in this DIY gallery.

Compatibility with Countertop Installation

The compatibility of undermount sinks also allows the sinks to match well with almost all natural stone countertops. For instance, the sinks can complement the material and designs of granite, quartz or silestone countertops.  

Utilization of Space

Undermount sinks can also help you optimize the efficient use of countertop space. Overmount sinks tend to protrude over the surrounding countertop areas, which can limit the available countertop space and obstruct your ability to utilize the areas surrounding the sink edges. In contrast, undermount sinks refrain from blocking the countertops by the flush positioning and instead maximize the amount of countertop space that is available to you. This makes them especially appropriate for relatively smaller bathroom countertops. Typically, undermount sinks allow for a bit less obstruction on the countertop as a whole and leave you plenty of space for your bathroom supplies or decor.  

Maintenance & Cleaning

The best Denver remodeling companies can also install undermount sinks that improve your bathroom maintenance abilities. Undermount sinks make it substantially easier to clean your countertops. Overmount sinks can harbor dirt and stains underneath the sink edges that can be difficult and inconvenient for you to clean. You also cannot simply wipe any debris into an overmount sink due to the elevated position of the sink and the outer edge. In contrast, undermount sinks can allow you to easily and conveniently wipe your countertops directly into the sink. The concealed edges do not trap dirt or debris, and cleaning the outer shell of the sink is typically not necessary.

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