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DIY or Get Help for Your Bathroom Remodel in Denver

June 21, 2017

You've decided your bathroom needs a renovation, and you're trying to decide whether you want to do it yourself (DIY) or not. While DIY remodels can be rewarding, consider the time, cost and reality of the project.
We live in a DIY world and everywhere you look, you are encouraged to do it yourself instead of consulting a professional. You see before and after photos all over the Internet – along with personal, after-the-fact, don't-make-these-same-mistakes tips and recommendations.
DIYers usually take on the entire process, from overall management of the project; figuring out the budget; demolition; color choice; selecting new fixtures, fittings, and cabinets; installation of new items; painting; and cleanup. Learn more tips for not doing it yourself here.

Be Realistic

Take a hard look at what you can realistically do and consider letting a professional do the remainder. You want the renovations to look good, as well as be durable and practical.
For instance, do you really already know how to install that new sink (remember, the drain in that new, fancy sink may not be in the same position as the old one was), or are you thinking vaguely that once you get to that part you'll look it up on Youtube?


Your planned use and function of the bathroom may determine how much work needs to be done. Think about your renovation goals. Is it your plan to renovate it into that special oasis of calm, meditative space you've always wanted – an "adult" bathroom where you can relax and soak and read that new novel with candles scenting the air?
Is it a guest bathroom where you hang the fancy towels that won't see much traffic? Will it be the kids' bathroom and carry the burden of daily baths; getting ready for school with makeup, toothbrushes and curling irons everywhere; dog baths on weekends; dirty socks and muddy shoes left behind?


Early in the process, consider the cost. Once you have looked at the renovations needed and have a budget, be prepared for extra costs, because there are always extras – especially when renovating a bathroom. Expect to add 10-15% to your budget for unexpected problems.


Are you planning to remodel your bathroom on weekends? Many DIY projects take much longer than planned and can, unfortunately, end up sitting unfinished for a while due to the normal demands of life. There are few things as frustrating as trying to live in an unfinished bathroom. Do you really want to live for weeks in an unfinished space with the drywall dust, mess, lack of a working sink and/or toilet, and the stress?

The Proverbial Bottom Line

At HTI Granite and Cabinetry we have a lot of respect for your DIY style, and we are here to support you in your bathroom remodel – in whatever capacity works for you. We have the materials to support your DIY projects, and we are your local, go-to professionals to help you decide how much you should take on yourself.
We also have the years of experience and attention to detail to bid, work on and finish your bathroom remodel in a timely manner if you decide that is the route that is correct for you. Contact us today at 303-592-9090 or on our website to get started on your renovation or remodel – our experts are here to help you.