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Summer 2017 Latest Trends in Denver Bathroom Remodeling

August 2, 2017

Summer is one of the best times to tackle a Denver bathroom remodeling project. Once you can identify what style you want for your bathroom, you can get to work. From clean and sleek styles to unique showers and bathtubs to walls and features that pop, read about the latest trends for bathrooms to get inspiration for your bathroom.

Clean and Sleek

Many residents are choosing a clean, sleek look for their bathroom remodels. It is often filled with white walls and features that are simplistic. However, just because the colors and features don’t vary in color, they still have character. You can invest in wall paper or patterns that add an extra pop. For those who choose this look, you will notice one go-to pattern: horizontal lines. This helps to keep it’s simple look. For instance, you will notice a bathtub or shower perfectly aligns across the room. One of the top ways to mix up your shower or tub area while keeping it simple is by installing subway tile. It will give it character with the simplistic look. Make sure to choose a consistent finish and outfit the entire bathroom with it. For instance, using a finish such as brushed nickel is great to use for faucets, knobs, shower heads and more. Pair it with a white or grey granite counter.

Unique Shower and Tubs

Today, showers and bathtubs are becoming a homeowner’s tropical oasis. For many, this is the one place they can come to throughout the day to rest and relax. One great addition to include during a bathroom remodel is a soaker tub. Not only are they relaxing but provide many health benefits too! Learn about the “6 Health Benefits of Taking Baths” from Bustle. For your shower upgrades, one of the biggest trends are floor to ceiling showers. Depending on how much room you have to work with, you can add extra amenities to your shower such as storage holes, benches and extra shower heads. You can even add a steamer into your shower for extra relaxation. Another latest trend for showers are ones that do not have a lip to step over to get into the shower. You simply walk right in!

Walls and Features that Pop

Today, bathrooms are taking on a whole new look thanks to tiles that are 3D, new wall paper art, variety of colors and more. When using 3D tiles in a bathroom, you can take a space from simple to extraordinary. The tiles themselves do not need to be distracting either. You can find premier tiles in common shapes such as circles, hexagons, squares, waves or more. One of the best ways to incorporate this trend is as an accent wall. Make sure it ties in with the color of your finishes and granite counters.

As you work on your next bathroom remodel project, HTI Granite and Cabinetry will help you throughout the process. As your local specialist, providing the upmost quality work, you can count on us to provide the best for your bathroom. Ready to take the next step for your bathroom remodeling in Denver? Contact us at 866-707-7772 today to get started.