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Top Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen and Benefits of New Denver Kitchen Countertops

September 13, 2017

Are you considering making some updates to your kitchen? There are many premier benefits to renovating your kitchen. With a little time and investment, you will have transformed one of top places in your home. If you are weighing your options for an upcoming project, there are many pros to consider. When renovating your kitchen, you will increase the overall value of your home, create more space and efficiencies, and you can install new quality Denver kitchen counters that will last for years.

Increase Home Value

Whether you are considering a move in the future, or are just looking for ways to increase the value of your home, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through a kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the heart of the home and a place that everyone spends time in. It’s important that the overall space is usable and accommodates everyone’s needs. Depending on the neighborhood, a remodel project can increase the overall value of a home as much as $20,000. You can further discuss with your local granite installer on the pros of this project. In addition, you can also add energy efficient ENERGY STAR appliances. This will add to the value by saving you on your heating and cooling, and water usage. Plus, by installing ENERGY STAR items in your kitchen, you can also qualify for rebates. You can find more information through ENERGY STAR’s appliances in the rebate finder.

Space Efficiencies

How efficient is your kitchen? Is it easy to navigate—especially when you have more than one person? What about space, do you find yourself having to make workarounds and compromises to get all of your food and utensils fit? Your kitchen should work for you, and not you for your kitchen. Even if your kitchen is small, you can still choose an accommodating layout like the ones featured in Traditional Home’s beautiful, efficient small kitchens. As you begin to make your plans, take a week to note where you have issues in your kitchen. When you come across something, jot it down. Then from there, you can go back and work with your installer on the best ways to make these solutions come to live.

New Counters

In addition to new appliances, cabinets, and flooring, upgraded countertops can completely transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Plus, stone counters are higher quality and can handle the everyday wear and tear of a kitchen. You can choose from granite, quartz, onyx, or silestone.

When trying to decide which company to help you with your kitchen remodel and kitchen counters, HTI Granite and Cabinetry is your go-to local company to help bring your ideas to a reality. Learn more about the different types of finishes for Denver granite countertops that you can install. When ready to get started on your renovation project, contact HTI Granite in Denver. Serving the Denver, Boulder, Vail, Fort Collins, the Front Range and into Wyoming, no matter where you are, we will help!