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Inspiration for Your Denver Bathroom Remodeling

September 27, 2017

With a new season comes new inspiration to make some changes around your home! Fall is the perfect time to make some home renovations before the cold weather sets in. As you try to decide what to do in your home for your premier Denver bathroom remodeling project, there are many ways you can change things up. To get started, learn about the latest industry trends, ideas for colors, fixtures, and more, and countertops.

Latest Trends

One of the main latest trends in bathroom design are linear designs and stonework. This would include a linear pattern on the floor, the walls and even in décor. Keep all the lines in the same direction for consistency. With this trend, be sure to incorporate stones in décor and counters. When adding tiles, there are a variety of trends homeowners are adding. With bold being in, many are choosing bold patterns and colors to provide a pop that showcases the room. When being bold, try to create an accent space or wall, rather than the entire room. Many homeowners are also creating multi-purpose showers that have built-in amenities such as a bathtub, shower and sitting area. Learn more about this trend and more in the DIY Network’s 10 best bathroom remodeling trends.

Colors, Fixtures, and More

As mentioned, bold is in. When remodeling your bathroom, choose a color that you love and provide pops of it throughout your bathroom. Whether you want to keep it simple with pops of color in décor, or an entire accent wall with tiles that are different geometrical shapes, you will love the new feel it will bring. On the flipside, natural shades, patterns, and fixtures are also in. Pair a light, natural shade tile flooring or light hardwood with natural shades in the walls and for counters. Pair in simple fixtures and lighting that is simple. For many going this route, they are also including live plants in their bathrooms—some even incorporating small gardens!


A bathroom remodel is one of the top times to change out your vinyl counters for upgraded stone ones. Some of the most popular counters are quality granite, quartz, onyx and silestone. Granite is great to withstand heat, and can be protected from spills with a sealant. Quartz is another great option that is great for a classic look. It too is heat and stain resistant, and is non-porous, so bacteria does not penetrate its surface. This is also a great material for backsplashes. For a unique look, add onyx counters to your bathroom. It has vibrant swirls that is perfect for the natural appearance. Last, silestone quartz is an extremely clean stone to use in your bathroom. It has antimicrobial agents within its makeup that keep it clean.

So, are you ready for Denver bathroom remodeling? Try four ways to make it simple. To help you with your project, HTI Granite and Cabinetry is your go-to local source to help you remodel your space. From finding the perfect stone for countertops, to cabinets for the ideal amount of space, we have you covered. Call us today at 303-592-9090 today to get started.