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Top Mistakes You Can Make When Caring for Your Granite Kitchen Countertops in Denver

October 25, 2017

Adding granite kitchen countertops in Denver is a great investment that will completely transform the space. However, when you do not properly care for counters, they can become damaged—sometimes to the point of no repair. The great news is that it is not difficult to care for kitchen counters. By avoiding a few top mistakes, your investment will be secure. Learn what happens when you avoid cleaning up spills, and pooling water, improper cleaning agents, apply heat to premier granite counters.

Not Cleaning Up Spills and Water Damage

One of the top ways to ruin granite is to avoid wiping up any spills that occur on the counter. Do not wait until you are finished with a task in the kitchen, but pause what you are doing and clean up the spill as soon as possible. When you wait too long to clean up a spill, the liquid that has been spilled will begin to seep into the granite and cause a stain. While all liquids pose a threat, some can do more damage than others. The leading liquid that tops the list are acidic. This includes vinegar, wine, certain oils, and juices. One of the best ways to protect your counters is sealing it. Learn the top three benefits of sealing your granite counters.

Using Improper Cleaning Agents

With laminate counters, you might use a scrub brush and a bleach cleaner to wipe down the surface. This is not how to clean and disinfect granite countertops. If you use this option for your granite, you will ruin the quality. Luckily for your budget, you simply need a mild cleaner. This can be a mild dish soap or cleaner that specifically notes that it is for granite. Similar to spills, avoid acidic cleaners—especially ones that may have bleach. Microfiber cloths are another great item to keep on hand to quickly wipe down the counters at the end of each day. In addition, do not use abrasive sponge that can scratch the granite’s surface.


When you apply a large amount heat to granite, over time, it can lead to it chipping and cracking. Many make this mistake while cooking and setting hot pots and pans onto the counters without any protection. Make sure to use a trivet or towel to create a barrier between the bottom of the dish to the counters. A small amount will usually be okay momentarily, but to be safe, use something else as a barrier. In addition, the weather can be a go-to way to make changes in your counters. If you have an outdoor kitchen area or garage, make sure to talk to your local, go-to granite counter expert on how to keep them safe.

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