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Your Guide for Purchasing and Caring for Quartz Countertops in Denver

November 22, 2017

Are you working on a remodel in your kitchen or bathroom, and looking for a different option for your counters? Of the many options available in the market—consider installing quartz countertops in Denver. As one of the top materials available, you will love the look and quality this stone will bring to your home. Learn the top benefits of quartz counters, go-to care tips, and ideas to use quartz in your remodel.

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a stone constructed of ground quartz, making it a very strong and durable type of countertop material. This makes it difficult to cut or scratch. Also, because it is mainly ground, it creates a smooth surface. It has a different look and feel than granite, and is a great option for those looking to install stone countertops.

Quartz is a non-porous stone, which means it is resistant to stains as there aren’t any perforations for liquids to seep into. This makes it especially durable for acidic liquid spills, such as vinegar, juice, wine, cleaners, and more. In addition, this non-porous attribute also means it cannot harbor bacteria and viruses. Quartz is also heat resistant, helping it stand up to the day-to-day use in the kitchen. Many love the look of quartz for its’ smooth and glossy appearance. It is a great way to add an upscale look and feel to any kitchen or bathroom.

Care Tips

One of the greatest benefits of quartz counters is how easy they are to clean. They only require a mild cleaning agent, such as a detergent with warm water. Avoid using heavy acidic cleaning agents as they can damage the quartz down the road. Also, be sure to clean up any spills as they happen. While their non-porous attribute makes it hard to stain, it is still crucial to wipe up spills as soon as possible to avoid damage. You can also help to further protect your quartz counters by sealing them. Also, when wiping down counters, do not use any types of abrasive sponges as this can ruin the surface.

Choosing Quartz for Your Home

Quartz is one of the best stones because of its versatility. You can find it in a variety of different colors and patterns that work with your home’s décor. Have a modern, white kitchen? The simplistic, smooth surface will add in the perfect amount of sleekness. Or, is your style rustic or country-themed? You can find the perfect quartz countertop that will help tie your entire vision together. See how quartz kitchen countertops will look in your kitchen or bathroom as you work towards your remodel or upgrade projects.

As you consider using quartz in your Denver remodel, you can rely on HTI Granite and Cabinetry to help you find the best color and style choice for your home. As your local countertop expert, we will also help you to create the perfect backsplash that is made of this material, too. You tell us what your goals are and we will make them happen. Call us today at 303-592-9090 to get started.