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Signs It’s Time to Consider a Kitchen Remodeling in Denver

December 20, 2017

Chipped counters? Outdated cabinets? These are all things that could mean that it’s time to make an investment in your kitchen. Once you handle your premier kitchen remodeling in Denver, you’ll be impressed with the value you will have added to your home! You’ll also love spending time in the space again too. From dated appliances and inefficient storage, to increasing its value for a home sale, learn the go-to kitchen renovations to get the most bang-for-your-buck.

Outdated Appliances, Cabinets and Counters

Today, stainless steel, white or black appliances are top choices among homeowners. If you have appliances that are older than the early 2000s, and/or are different colors, it may be time to upgrade them. Plus, when installing new kitchen appliances, energy efficient models can save anywhere from 10 to 25 percent on your monthly bills.

For your counters, laminate is considered to be an outdated material, and if your counters are worn, cracked, have burns or are damaged, it becomes an eyesore in the kitchen—and even a hazard. How? When there are cracks within the counters, it can lead to bacteria and mold growth on the surface. Opt for a stone counter that can be sealed, or does not need to be sealed, to ensure safety. Last, the final touch on your upgrades should be to your cabinets. Faded and older shades do not appeal to the overall look, especially when there is damage. Consider clean, wood cabinets. You can even incorporate open cabinets for frequently used items.

Insufficient Storage

Delving into cabinets a little more, a common issue homeowners have in the kitchen is insufficient storage space. Dishes and pans are thrown on top of one another, Tupperware and storage containers are thrown into drawers with mismatching lids, small appliances are crammed wherever they will fit… any of these things sound familiar to you? Insufficient storage space can be dangerous for the items you’re storing, and can add extra unnecessary time in your kitchen. Take some time to map everything you need to store. From there, you can work with a local cabinet specialist to find the ideal layout for the space.

Increase Value for Home Sale

If you’re planning to move, you may be wondering why you need to bother with your kitchen at all? Depending on how outdated your space is, it may become a deterrent to buyers. This becomes problematic when your house begins to sit on the market for quite some time, especially in a market as booming as Denver’s. The key to your remodel is to work start to increase the value for your own financial benefit, as well as to attract prospective buyers. Work with your realtor to find the best plan to make quality kitchen upgrades and adjustments.

No matter what your home situation may be, you can rely on HTI Granite and Cabinetry to handle all of your renovation needs. We can assist with your kitchen, bathroom, cabinets, and more. Be sure you learn what to expect for your kitchen remodel, and the addition of Denver cabinets. To see what we can do for you, call us today at 303-592-9090.