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Ways to Organize and Lay Out Your New Bathroom Cabinets in Denver

January 31, 2018

Are you gearing up for a bathroom remodel? One of the best investments to make is to install well crafted bathroom cabinets in Denver. This can eliminate some of the space issues you have and completely transform the look of one of the important spaces in your home. You will love the upgraded space once done, as well as your additional storage. Learn more about the top benefits of investing in new cabinets, go-to layout ideas, and the best organization ideas.

Benefits of Investing in New Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets and vanities serve a multitude of purposes. When cabinets are old, not only can they create issues with space, but could even be housing mold and other dangerous substances. As you gear up for a renovation project, make sure you add new cabinets to your list to order. They are often the centerpiece of the bathroom that will increase the overall value of the space. It is especially helpful when you have a small bathroom. New cabinets with plenty of space can help you keep areas cluttered. It is also important to have them work for you, which is something you can discuss with your local cabinetry specialist. You can store cleaning supplies, toilet paper, towels, toiletries, and more in one space when you opt to install new cabinets that work for you.

Layout Tips

When starting from scratch with a bathroom renovation, you are in control! This is your time to pinpoint problem areas and find a solution for them with cabinets, layout, and more. If you are renovating a master bath, make sure it ties in with the master bedroom for consistency. Next, make sure you leave plenty of room to navigate through your bathroom. This may seem difficult in smaller spaces. To avoid issues, utilize efficient cabinets along the walls. Avoid any “L” shapes that break the flow of the room. For overall layout, keep your bathtub or shower in the far corners of the room, and your sink and toilet in the middle. Space allotment is important, so avoid adding anything in the middle unless it is a large space.

Organization Ideas

Once you have your new cabinets in place, be sure you are maximizing your space through proper organization. Make a plan of everything you need to store and find the best drawers and cabinets to put them in. Ideally, the items you use daily or multiple times per week should be the easiest to access. For make-up and smaller items, use small dividers in your cabinets and drawers to keep them from spreading out and taking up too much space. You can also use these additional quick tips for organizing bathrooms, too.

From cabinet installation to new counters, HTI Granite and Cabinetry will help you throughout your bathroom remodel. Our quality cabinets will be the perfect option to increase your home’s value and help you create a space easier to maneuver through each day. Be sure to get inspiration for your Denver bathroom remodeling and call us at 303-592-9090 to get started today