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Choosing Denver Quartz for Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

February 28, 2018

Are you looking for something different for your home upgrade projects? As more and more homeowners are installing granite in their homes, consider making your home unique with Denver quartz. This stone is on the rise in popularity, and is available in a variety of options. This premier stone will dress up your kitchens and bathrooms during your renovation. Learn about the top benefits of quartz counters, go-to care tips, and ideas to enhance your kitchen and bathrooms.

Benefits of Quartz

When choosing quartz for your counters, you will not need to seal the surfaces in order to keep out water and other liquids. It also will not stain, which is a problem with other stone counters if spills are not quickly cleaned. Quartz’s nonporous material makes it resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold. In addition, quartz allows for more design options with edges, installation and more. While best to be installed by a local countertop professional, they can install in a variety of ways—which is great for custom solutions. Quartz is also a very durable stone, making it hard to damage or impetrate.

Care Tips

While you do not need to seal quartz because it is antimicrobial, you still need to wipe up messes as soon as they happen—especially acidic liquids. Take a wet towel or sponge and wipe away the mess. When doing your heavy cleaning, you will want to make sure to use a mild detergent and a towel or sponge that is not abrasive. You want to avoid anything harsh that could scratch the surface. Also, when cooking, make sure to avoid putting any pots onto a trivet to help maintain the stone’s quality. Do not put a hot pot or pan directly on its surface. In bathrooms, if you use a high alkaline, acidic or bleach cleaner on showers or sink basins, make sure to avoid using it on the counters themselves.

Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas

Wondering how you can change up your kitchen and bathroom? Try brightening the spaces by putting on a fresh coat of a light shade of blue, grey, yellow, or green. A lighter shade will help make the space look larger. Consider adding a backsplash or accent wall to mix up a certain area. From here, install light colored cabinets with a light or dark matching quartz countertop. You can talk with your stone installer on the best options for your project. For more ideas for your bathroom, try one of Better Homes and Garden’s bathroom remodeling ideas.

To help you find the perfect shade of quartz for your kitchen or bathroom, HTI Granite and Cabinetry will walk you through all of your options. Learn more about the pros and cons of using quartz in your Denver kitchen remodel, and let us know how we can help. Our team of experts will help you find the best option and resources to install them. Need cabinets? We will help you with those, too! To get started on your project, call us today at 303-592-9090.