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Denver Cabinetry Trends to Consider for Your Kitchen Upgrade

May 9, 2018

It’s time to finally upgrade that kitchen, and the cabinetry you choose is crucial in designing your new space. Not only are cabinets essential to day-to-day life, but they bring your entire kitchen design together. If you are wondering what Denver cabinetry trends you should consider when planning your kitchen upgrade, read on!

Oak Cabinets Are Back

Oak was the wood of choice when it came to cabinets back in the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s. Usually in a honey stain, the traditional cabinet of the time was a raised panel cathedral door with wood grain patterns. Maple and cherry gained in popularity in the 2000s, but perhaps feeling nostalgic, homeowners are once again looking to oak for their cabinetry. Oak can be used in its natural color, or you can paint it. Black, blue, and gray are popular colors among today’s homeowners.

Color Is King

Homeowners want unique cabinets in their kitchens that make a bold statement, and color is one of the best ways to do that. A coat of paint on your cabinets can separate you from the rest of the pack, ensuring your kitchen is a standout. Manufacturers have taken note as well and are providing finishes in a variety of colors.  Neutral colors are the most popular, with tones in gray, yellow, and soft greens. But darker colors, particularly on lower cabinets, also work. Picture black navy, and emerald green; would that work in your kitchen?

Read this article from Better Homes and Gardens to get some ideas on color choices: Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color.

Clean Lines Are Key

Although kitchen cabinetry hasn’t changed all that much in recent years, it’s become obvious that most homeowners have a preference for clean lines. This trend toward minimalism is predicted to continue well beyond 2018.  Today’s minimalist cabinets do not have the ornate design work often found in traditional cabinet door styles. Even the handles and drawer pulls are coming in lower profile styles.

Open Shelving Is Hot

A popular trend in home improvement magazines, open shelving has been a bit slower to catch on for most homeowners. But open kitchen shelves are gaining in popularity. They provide a light and airy feeling you cannot attain with all closed cabinets. Open shelving means you can display beautiful dishes as a decorative element, and it also means easy access to those dishes you use on a daily basis. Just be careful not to pack the shelves too full, or you’ll have a cluttered, messy look.

For more tips on what you can expect with kitchen remodeling and choosing cabinets, read this recent blog post.
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