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Buying Guide for Kitchen Cabinets in Denver

November 21, 2018

Cabinets are the heart of every kitchen. While counters tend to be what homeowners focus on, do not overlook your storage needs. Also, the aesthetics of your new cabinets should match the look and feel of your style.  Upgrading or adding new kitchen cabinets in Denver is a great investment in your home. Whether you are looking to reinvigorate your kitchen or install quality cabinets into a new space, your dollars will add value. To get started on your cabinet addition, use this buying guide for tips.

Cabinet Basics

You may be wondering, “Where do I begin with my cabinet installation?” To get started, decide what works best for your time and budget. 
  • Pre-fabricated: Cabinets that are cut to size and assembled for quick and easy installation. This type of cabinet tends to be budget-friendly. 
  • Custom: Ideal for unique spaces and needs. You can work with your local cabinet installer on a design and layout that suits your vision. 

Next, choose your style of cabinets. A premier cabinet specialist will help you navigate your needs and pricing. There are a variety of options, some of which include: 
  • Wood (hickory, maple, cherry, etc.)
  • Laminate
  • Painted
  • Plywood

To finalize your order, you will choose the finish of your cabinet. This is the final touch of your installation and exterior. Some common options include: 
  • Glaze: An additional finish that adds depth and character
  • Stained: Great to customize a color of wood
  • Varnish: Topcoat that enhances wood grain

Popular Layouts

In your initial planning stages, remember that layout is key. Your cabinets can dictate direction and structure of a space. Common kitchen cabinet layouts include: 
  • Galley: Ideal for small kitchens that need to maximize space. Galley kitchens are used for narrow rooms, with cabinets and appliances on each side of the kitchen—similar to an “equals” sign. 
  • L-Shape: An L-shape layout is ideal for both large and small spaces. Named specifically after the shape it is in, it helps to make a kitchen space larger, especially when there may be two entrances into the space. To maximize the corner, a “Lazy Susan” cabinet can be installed for easy access as it is a corner cabinet that spins. 
  • U-Shape: Kitchens in the shape of a “U” are beneficial for larger kitchens. It allows you to have more space for various activities, from food prep to doing dishes. Lazy Susan cabinets are also great in connecting points for U-shape cabinets, too. 

Height is also important. Ensure you use the proper height standards for kitchen countertops. 

When it comes to ways to save on your kitchen remodeling in Denver, HTI Granite and Cabinetry has you covered. From cabinets to top counters and flooring, we will help you create the space you’ve always wanted. Get started and visit us at 1270 W. Alaska Place in Denver. Give us a quick call at 303-592-9090 to schedule an appointment. A member of our team will help you with cabinets and all other aspects of your project—allowing you to save time and money.