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Ways to Incorporate Denver Granite in Your Home Renovations

December 5, 2018

Granite is one of the premier countertop solutions to incorporate into a home renovation. However, this gorgeous stone can be installed in other places than kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you are looking for traditional ways to add Denver granite during a remodel or sprinkle it in, use this guide when exploring options. 

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Granite is one of the top stones added to kitchens and bathrooms during a remodel. It’s a strong, durable countertop that provides an excellent return on investment. When sealed, it lasts even longer as it ensures liquid does not make its way into the pores. This is the best way to ensure you get the most of the stone during a remodel. For additional savings, you can visit your local countertop specialist and explore prefabricated options. You can explore when to look at prefab granite countertops vs. slab. While you have many options for counters, granite is a go-to choice. For an affordable price, you will add value to your home, unlike laminate. It has dimension and texture that will help create a dynamic and upscale space Granite alone can truly transform your space, even if you do not change anything else. 

Laundry Rooms

When incorporating quality granite into your remodel, consider other areas outside the traditional locations. Laundry rooms are a great room to add granite. It provides a sleek and seamless surface for folding laundry, storing detergent and even to place a tabletop ironing board. Consider installing the stone the same color as your other rooms for a great flow. Even if you do not have long counters, you still can incorporate granite. It looks great around a small sink station or small space. Consider adding cabinets in Denver along with your granite installation to maximize storage space in your laundry space. 


A mudroom is a great way to store shoes, jackets, coats, umbrellas, and other essentials as you go in and out of your home. For large mudrooms, you can have a station for each person. Or if small, you can still add in a bench, hooks, and other elements for each person to use. Some mudrooms have a sink and small prep area, which is a great way to sprinkle in granite even more. Mudrooms are often a place that people use to clean up before going into the house. When dirt, mud, and other elements get on counters, it is easy to wipe down granite counters. Be sure to seal them to prevent liquids from getting into its surface. 

As you research best options for granite, HTI Granite & Cabinetry has you covered. As Colorado and Wyoming’s premier cabinet and countertop expert, trust our staff to help you with your investment. We will help you find the perfect color of granite that best fits your budget. Let us walk you through the pros and cons of prefabricated counters to see if they are an option to help you save. Schedule your appointment to visit our showroom today and call 303-592-9090.