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Consider a Denver Bathroom Remodeling or Kitchen Upgrade Instead a Move in 2019

January 2, 2019

As you consider the next steps for your home in 2019, the benefits of Denver bathroom remodeling or other home upgrades are becoming a more favorable option for homeowners. With interest rates on the rise, now is a great time to consider making the changes you want to your home. Learn about upcoming housing trends and remodel considerations for your home. 

Rise in Interest Rates Changing Denver Housing Market

From 2014-2018, Denver’s housing market rebounded well from the housing crash of 2009. The market is projected to cool off with slightly more houses becoming available. However, despite a little more flexibility in a home search, prices continue to remain high. This is consistent with trends all across the country as U.S. existing home sales rise, trend weak. The price tag of houses paired with an upcoming increase in mortgage interest rates could make the price tag of a move quite high. If you have savings for a down payment, consider taking the funds and use for a remodel. Why? The interest rates may increase for credit cards or loans. But even if you need to take out a loan, you may find a remodel to be your best solution financially in 2019. 

Cost Effective Bathroom Solutions

A premier bathroom remodel does not need to be expensive at all. You can transform your space by: 

A fresh coat of paint, choosing a bright color to lighten the area
Add an accent wall using paint, wallpaper or tile
Choose premier prefabricated bathroom countertops in Denver that are already cut to size
Install sleek slate vinyl flooring resembling stone for a fraction of the cost
Replace old inefficient light fixtures with new, bright ones using LED lighting 

Building Your Ideal Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into your dream space. A few go-to remodel ideas include: 
  • Install new cabinets, arranging in a way making your kitchen a more efficient area
  • Add under cabinet lights to accent counters
  • Incorporate a quality backsplash that matches new counters
  • Install plank hardwood flooring (real or vinyl)
  • Add an island to a large kitchen to add storage and character, top it off with an overhead light fixture

Planning to Sell? Benefits of Minor Remodeling

If you had not considered a remodel and planned on a move, you might be wondering what the benefits are to stay. In addition to potential savings, a remodel can increase the value of your home. This will pay off later on when it becomes a better market to sell and buy. Remodeling is becoming a top choice for homeowners looking to make better financial decisions in the New Year. 

Wondering how a home remodel will benefit you in 2019? HTI Granite and Cabinetry is your go-to local remodeling specialist for the Denver area. We will walk you through ideal options specifically tailored to your home. Our team will help you calculate savings and create a plan to make you fall in love with your home all over again—and help you make financially secure decisions! Schedule an appointment with us by calling 303-592-9090.