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Modern Trends In Denver Kitchen Cabinetry

April 24, 2019

As people age their tastes seem to change and likewise that of new homes and different interior design concepts. While new construction projects may incorporate some of the latest trends in design styles associated with kitchen cabinetry and countertops, there is also the opportunity to upgrade your existing facilities in order to create the dream kitchen you’ve always pictured in your mind.

Often believed to be only a myth, many people are finding great success in purchasing a home under budget and then utilizing their remaining funds in an effort to maximize their purchase. This includes being able to upgrade the kitchen - one of the most used rooms inside a home. While much of the focus has typically been on countertop surfaces, individuals are now finding they can mix and match these materials, in addition to contrasting with their cabinetry design. Following is a look at a few of the most recent trends regarding storage space in the heart of a home.

Contrasting colors are beginning to be used on countertops from the most used surfaces to an island or even bar and the same can now be said of cabinet color. By using a contrasting cabinet color, the island quickly becomes a focal point for the kitchen, drawing eyes to the centerpiece and giving the room a sense of identity.

Clean, simple look cabinets are also making a push to become commonplace in the kitchen. Instead of different design trends and detailed molding, straight lines and clear cut corners are becoming more standard.

Another aspect rising in popularity doesn’t involve doors at all but open shelving. In certain areas and combined with typical cabinetry, these designs allow for unique plates, glasses, or colorful accessories to be displayed. It adds a sense of openness and creates a high class restaurant feel inside the space.

Under cabinet lighting is also rising in popularity. Used either as an accent light, night light, or to brighten up the countertop surfaces during food prep - many homeowners are choosing to install these lights in addition to the more common track lighting above an island or bar and spotlight above a sink.

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