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Denver Quartz Countertops and Other Uses

May 9, 2019

Quartz countertops surfaces have been recently growing in popularity due to their resilience, style, and versatility. One of the strongest and most durable options available on the market, not only does quartz offer a quality work space but it can also meet nearly every design aspect that any homeowner prefers. From individuals wanting a remodel to new construction, the implementation of quartz countertops has been booming.

The benefits of quartz countertops extends beyond their extreme hardness and design characteristics. Quartz is also available in near seamless designs. Where other stone countertop surfaces may show imperfections or seams when being pieced together, depending on the layout, often quartz can be installed without any issue. This feature has led to quartz moving from kitchen countertop surfaces only to other areas of the home.

Already a quality surface for the kitchen, bathroom countertops can also benefit from a quartz upgrade or construction implementation. Offering the exact same features and functionality of a working surface in the kitchen, the bathroom needs a solid option that can also withstand daily use. For these reasons, and many others, quartz is moving throughout the home.

One of the most modern trends in kitchen design is to use quartz as backsplash tile. Instead of patterns and designs, continuous pieces of solid stone are now being favored as a backsplash. The purpose of implementing a backsplash is for protection from use, spills, and splatter that may occur and given the durability of quartz the move up from countertop to backsplash only makes sense.

Another area where homeowners can benefit from using quartz is inside the shower. Using quartz to construct shower walls allows for multiple functional purposes. Not only is the design trend able to continue from the countertop or backsplash within a bathroom but the wall pieces are one continuous slab as opposed to multiple different tiles. 

Using quartz removes the need for grout, creating a more sleek look and makes cleaning a breeze. No more digging into every nook, cranny, and crevice within the shower in order to ensure its clean when there's only one solid wall to wash.

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