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Denver Bathroom Cabinets and Design Questions

May 22, 2019

Whether you are remodeling an existing bathroom or faced with having to make decisions about a new construction there are plenty of different ideas to consider and options from which to choose. Modern trends in design style are constantly changing and evolving with the times but a few factors are always going to remain constant and be in play. If you are responsible for choosing which options work best, consider each of the following few characteristics.

Designing the perfect bathroom vanity often involves more decision making than many homeowners initially realize. Even if you already have in mind a preference or idea of what to anticipate there will more times than not, be even more decisions to make. You may envision particular locations of sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers but materials, colors, and handles all need to be determined before a project is considered complete.

Electing the proper vanity shape revolves around the specific bathroom in question - guest, on suite, or master and size of the room or other bathroom components in existence - tub, shower, toilet, etc. Most often a rectangular surface is chosen offering plenty of countertop space up top and storage availability below. Although, pedestal sinks are making a resurgence and can often be installed in multiple formations to find what best fits within an existing area.

The question most often asked when determining design in the master bathroom is a choice of one sink or two. While there are advantages and disadvantages to each, ultimately the couple has to determine which option will benefit them the most moving forward.

Another component associated with countertop space and style, including the number of sinks - is availability of storage. Obviously, larger countertop surfaces are going to offer more space underneath and the plumbing associated with multiple sinks can not only eat up counter room but limit underneath as well.
Style - Countertops

Choosing bathroom countertops is also a difficult task. As withe the preceding questions for homeowners to answer, there are pros and cons to every specific material. Not only is choosing a quality construction material important but colors and other factors need to be considered as well. 

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