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Denver Kitchen Cabinets To Save Space

June 19, 2019

Two of the main points of interest people often have about their kitchens involves countertop space and storage. These two concepts can make or break a kitchen and maximizing both often is a task many homeowners consider when either building a new construction or conducting a remodel of their existing space. While there have been many improvements in the kitchen cabinet realm over time, some of the latest innovations are best at creating a room that not only looks the part with a modern design but is also functional and ready for daily use.

For many, the kitchen is the most used room in the house and ensuring that you have an area that can be used for entertaining and food storage/preparation is important. In addition, being able to create a little extra countertop space without the clutter is also a feature that can enhance the functionality of the room. By utilizing any of the following methods in modern kitchen and cabinet design, homeowners can get the most out of their kitchen.

Hideaway Cabinets
Whether styled as a pantry or just above the countertop surface in lieu of a backsplash, hideaway cabinets can help to eliminate countertop clutter in a kitchen. These areas look like regular cabinets on the outside but when opened reveal more countertop space and a perfect storage area for appliances that often take up useful workspace in a kitchen.

Typical countertop appliances for kitchens feature anything from blenders, coffee makers, toasters, and food processors, plus other items. These items, although maybe not used daily, take up much needed space on the counter and can be hidden from view with the hideaway cabinets. Similar to how a garage stores a car, incorporating this style of cabinetry into your kitchen can help to eliminate clutter and make the countertop space more available inside a home.

Pull Out Countertops
Another option to increase the countertop space is through pull out countertops. These hidden spaces don’t take away from storage space in the cabinets too much and add necessary surfaces in all areas of the kitchen. Traditionally located around the stove or within an island, these additional countertops come in many different shapes and sizes.

From a traditional extra surface space to an entire bar with storage drawers underneath, or a simple stand alone cutting board, the options available to homeowners these days are seemingly limitless. Instead of having to store cutting boards underneath or search for areas to prepare foods, these appear out from the existing cabinetry and provide ample space for homeowners to conduct their business.

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