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Denver Kitchen Cabinets Number One Question - Pulls or Knobs?

July 17, 2019

When remodeling or designing a kitchen from scratch, one of the most often forgot about features that are essential to the space are cabinet handles. These specific incantrancies of the overall kitchen are one of the most important features that can make or break a kitchen design and important to any homeowner. Depending on the cabinet shape and appliance color or style, finding a handle that not only serves as a functional piece but magnifies the overall look of a kitchen is extremely important. 

For this reason, examining the specifics and details of a kitchen are extremely important. Handles not only enhance the overall look of your kitchen design but will be one of the main components that people initially notice, along with colors and countertops. If your desire is to make an immediate impact and fulfill a true entertainment space, then finding an appropriate balance between pulls and knobs is important.


Kitchen cabinet pulls are more difficult to install than knobs due to their lengthy span and two screw design. These components may be installed in either a vertical or horizontal capacity in order to accomodate to how the kitchen flows, but must be aligned to ensure they are not off center. At times, depending on the specific pull selected, these pieces are interchangeable but also allow for more wear and tear on the cabinet itself. Constant reaching for the pulls could damage or dirty the cabinets depending on their color.


When trying to select between cabinet knobs and pulls, the knobs offer a bit more flexibility. Not only are they easier in terms of installation - using just one screw instead of two - but they will also never be out of line. With pulls and handles, getting them precisely in line with the cabinet trim is extremely important and something that homeowners don’t have to worry with when using knobs. 


A third option, and one that is becoming increasingly popular, is to utilize both pulls and knobs on kitchen cabinets. By mixing and matching these different utensils, the appropriate design and style can be associated with each individual cabinet. Having a combination allows for homeowners to maximize their potential within the room and utilize the best of both worlds without compromising the integrity of the space.

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