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Denver Kitchen Cabinet Color Options and Ideas

July 31, 2019

No matter if you are in the middle of a remodeling project for your kitchen, upgrading from its current state, or involved in a new construction project - choosing the correct cabinet colors and options can make or break your space. The ability to determine which colors and style fit best with your existing area are important and these characteristics help to not only enhance the stigma behind a kitchen but also allow it to become a focal point for homeowners.

As one of the most important rooms of a home, the kitchen serves not only as a gathering place for guests and homeowners alike, but also as a serviceable space that can be used on a daily basis. Establishing a dynamic for the room serves to create the potential for an impact to be made on the existing space and by considering a few options, choose the best possible solution for homeowners.


Modern design features many different kitchen cabinet paint colors but ultimately it falls within what those who are deciding feel the most comfortable with. These selections, whether it be in contrast to the flooring or backsplash, or with a flowing feel based on the current colors of other highlighted aspects, can be difficult to determine.

Finding a happy-medium among color options, or at least something that can be useful for the future, is an important component no matter the state of the current kitchen. Whether you are simply painting existing cabinets or putting in new ones, understanding the changes made from a simple color change is important.
Open Face

One option to consider is open face cabinets or those that reveal the contents. These cabinets help to break up the monotonous blank slate cabinets that are typically put into place and allow a sneak peak into the serving utensils. Depending on where these particular cabinets are installed, their prevalence can be made to either be a focal point or unique feature.


Another component to consider is not putting doors in place at all. Instead, many modern day homeowners are considering the impacts of open shelving and foregoing the placement of a door - even those with windowed panels. 

By utilizing a shelving installation, the homeowner can put important pieces of kitchen serving or eating on display. These areas help to incorporate an open feeling that is most often associated with the full home design style and can be reiterated inside the kitchen.

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