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Reasons for a Denver Bathroom Remodel

Residential private, on suite, and guest, bathrooms are areas of a home that often get neglected when property owners consider upgrades to their existing space. Provided the current shower, tub, combination, toilet, and sink(s) are functional, many people don’t worry too much about the remainder of the facilities.

But it is here where individuals may benefit the most from choosing to complete a simple upgrade or full remodeling project. As a haven where either the owners or their guests will reside in private, there are many modern bathroom ideas that can assist in bringing your property up to current standards while providing a new, functional space for all to enjoy.

Depending on the current state of your existing bathroom, each of the following provides a legitimate reason to complete a remodeling project within your home.

Outdated Color Scheme

Many dated bathrooms are a dull mustard, baby blue, or greenish color which may have been standard years ago but not today. Instead, current trends display whites, greys, and black as prominent design bath paint colors.

With matching sinks, showers, toilets, and tubs, if you’re colors aren’t present day then consider making a change.

Countertop Damage

Cracked or peeling countertops from out-dated laminate materials are also a sign that a more modern touch is needed. Consider adding a natural stone countertop for a lasting solution.

Storage Space

Depending on the structure of your current bathroom, the need for more storage space may be apparent, If so, a few changes in design style may allow homeowners to achieve increased cabinet or closet space within their existing room.

Personal Needs

As we age the needs associated with our daily habits change tremendously. If you, or someone you love who resides with you, needs certain accommodations - i.e. walk-in tub, higher toilet, shower seats, etc. it may be time to make a change.

Increase Profit

Another reason to update your existing bathroom can be related to the potential profit acquired from the sale of a home. By spending a few dollars up front on updates for the bathroom, a homeowner could potentially net a larger profit when the property closes.

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