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Denver Kitchen Cabinetry and Appliance Color Decisions

September 11, 2019

Along with the multiple decisions associated with a kitchen construction or remodel are the important factors associated with color. While many will fret over the countertop materials and ensuing color selections, in addition to how it correlates with the cabinets, there is also another pivotal aspect. Matching or correlating your kitchen appliances to the colors within your kitchen is another important component. Typical kitchen appliances include a refrigerator, microwave, stove, and dishwasher - each of which comes in a variety of different hues and traditionally are all comprised of a similar color or material but how does one determine the overall correlation within the kitchen.

There are typically three different schools of thought for this aspect. Top kitchen design styles include a variety of different factors and depending on personal preference, these can be tweaked to match each and everyone’s styles. A look at each is included below with the ultimate determination being made from how these color patterns match or not with the traditional appliance hues - black, white, or silver.

Light and Dark
Light cabinetry colors with dark appliances can put the details on your kitchen squarely on the countertops and other surface areas. By combining the high end color hues of cabinets with darker refrigerators and dishwashers, the combination creates a warm and inviting environment. In addition, the lighter cabinets can help to offset a countertop color of any selection.

Dark and Light
Darker cabinets mixed with lighter appliances is a lesser known combination but one that can also work with any countertop surface or color. Having silver or white appliances combined with darker cabinets can be offset with a bright countertop or correlated with a darker surface to incorporate both design styles.

Mix and Match
A more recent trend is to mix and match the color patterns of all components within a kitchen. Having an island or bar top that is different than the remainder of the kitchen surfaces is something that creates a unique style and can make the space specific to each individual homeowner. Understanding you countertops don’t have to match can open up an entirely different realm of possibility.

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