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Denver Kitchen Undermount Sink Advantages

October 9, 2019

Kitchen design and remodeling projects offer a variety of benefits to homeowners. Whether responsible for a new construction or upgrade, the current design trends and materials available will often enhance the value and usability of a kitchen. There are multiple decisions to be made but one of the most important revolves around the type of sink selected for a kitchen. Not only will this be a focal area for guests, but it is also an aspect which will receive daily use by the residents.

While there are a variety of different kitchen sink styles and trends, the benefits of certain installation methods outweigh their current counterparts. Undermount sinks offer multiple benefits to homeowners and can enhance the look and feel of a kitchen. In addition, simply changing the current sink style is one way to upgrade the look of an area without having to undergo a full renovation project. Consider each of the following benefits to undermount sinks.

Surface Exposure

Unlike overmount sinks, undermount installation methods allow for more surface space availability. When placed with high-end natural stone surfaces, maximizing this material exposure is something many homeowners hope to achieve. Not only does it provide more prep area and countertop space but the sink seems to fit more naturally into the setting. 


Another advantage of undermount sinks is the clean up process. When cleaning your countertop surfaces, any food debris or dirt can simply be swept directly into the sink. Overmount options require a lip where the sink is dropped into an existing space and this can make for a more difficult cleanup process. Trapping food and creating an obstacle when wiping down the area, utilizing an undermount sink aids in a more effective method of kitchen cleaning.


The compatibility of undermount sinks and how they tend to mesh with natural stone countertops is equally important. Unlike the other sink styles, these tend to fit better with a seamless look and feel which offers an overall better appearance to the space. Also, an undermount can be selected in a color or style - two bowls, one bowl, odd-sized bowls, etc. which matches the current countertop or one that is being added during the remodeling process.

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