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Granite Shower Options for Your Denver Bathroom

October 23, 2019

Many homeowners often associate granite only with countertops in one of two areas, either the bathroom or kitchen. However, the versatility associated with this material extends far beyond this more common usage. While it is true that granite has the potential to enhance either space, more recent trends have been to utilize granite in other settings. One such space that thrives on having granite incorporated into a remodeling or construction project is the stand-alone shower.

The capabilities for using natural stone in a shower continues to become more and more prevalent over time. Initially, these construction concepts were reserved for spaces that didn’t receive such high quantities of water but with proper sealant and installation, the elegance associated with a natural stone installation within a shower is unmatched, in addition to providing a number of quality benefits. 


One thing that can’t be replicated if using granite is the different looks and styles that are achievable with this product. For many, granite countertops are a must and the ability to match an entire shower space with the bathroom counter is too much of a benefit to pass up. Not only does this have the opportunity to increase property value but it can also make for a more relaxing atmosphere in one of the few areas used daily by a homeowner. 


Just as a simple wipe down can be used to clean granite countertops, the same method will keep your shower looking great for years. Not only is granite resistant to water but it is also not very succeptive to stains. Without the worry of staining or exhausting upkeep, knowing a granite shower offers a long line of benefits without many drawbacks can be an intriguing option for those looking to add a bit of spice into their bathing facilities.


With the rise of popularity in granite countertops, there’s no question about the durability aspects of a shower installation. Using the same stone, granite can create a virtually indestructible concept with only one potential concern. Anytime a homeowner elects to use natural stone for a flooring surface - as would be the case for many granite showers. Ensuring there is proper foot holds or other sticky material is a must. Once this issue is redeemed, the potential for granite bathroom showers is seemingly endless.

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