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Denver Onyx Countertop and Alternate Uses

November 5, 2019

Natural stone countertops have increased in popularity due to both their durability and somewhat eccentric look. The abstract veining and natural color occurrences throughout many of the different options available to homeowners has aided in the installation of these materials into the home. Serving as countertops in both the kitchen and bathrooms, some property owners elect to have different surfaces in each while others choose to maintain a consistency throughout their home.

No matter your personal preference, there is one particular stone that carries more of a specific and unique look than its counterparts. Onyx can be especially colorful and often has a look that cannot be matched by any of the other stone options but there are a few things people should consider, including some must know advice with pros and cons before installation. As with any natural stone there will be options to consider before deciding to move forward with a project. If onyx doesn’t fit into your plans for countertops throughout the home, consider a few of these other areas where the colors can be admired without having to worry about the wear a kitchen counter may endure.


Electing to utilize onyx on a bathroom vanity as opposed to the kitchen can significantly reduce the amount of wear the surface undertakes. Homeowners get to enjoy the beauty available from an onyx stone while not having to worry so much about the pots and pans banging around or cutting that can be completed on other solid surfaces.


Choosing an onyx backsplash also allows a way for the property owner to enjoy the natural look of a stone without the routine maintenance. These areas serve a purpose to protect the walls around countertop areas but aren’t subject to the same use of a countertop surface. Here, a homeowner can benefit from the same exquisite look and have guests see their choice of style, more so than even a bathroom vanity may offer.


Another solid option for onyx around the home is to be used as an accent piece, around a fireplace or as a border near another surface. Each can provide useful options for this special stone while still allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the material, without the same worries of what a countertop may endure.

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