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Denver Kitchen Cabinets: Mismatched Colors Set New Trend

November 20, 2019

Kitchen design concepts have come and gone, been revitalized, and lasted generations but as each different measure changes, new ideas infiltrate the process. These concepts either typically build upon an existing foundation or challenge the status quo, but once they are introduced into the market, then homeowners have their say as to whether or not each makes a lasting impression to sustain the test of time.

Natural stone is quickly becoming one of the top materials for kitchen countertops, above solid surface and laminate options. These not only provide a lasting and durable surface, but they also can serve to enhance the look of a kitchen and make it a focal point of the home’s interior. Utilizing these options is just one example of how a relatively new concept has skyrocketed into the mainstream reaching home interiors throughout the country.

Another rising fad is alternating or contrasting cabinet colors or designs. These trends are gaining momentum and may find their way into your home sooner rather than later.

Kitchen Island Contrast

One of the most popular options available to homeowners is the contrasting kitchen islands color scheme. While the cabinets installed match throughout the space, those located on the island are of a contrasting color. This look can create a bold and unique appearance within the kitchen, while serving to make the space look larger depending on the colors provided.

Alternating Styles - Open Shelving, Glass Front

Another option is to differentiate between cabinet styles themselves. Traditional closed-door cabinets can be paired with glass-front options or even open shelving to help break up the monotony of an area. These different options can also add their own splashes of color with the exposed contents of see-through doors or decorative options along open shelving.

Multiple Concepts

Mixing and matching all of the above is also becoming more acceptable depending on the homeowner’s preference. Utilizing the kitchen space as its own functional but inspirational area is something many contractors and home developers are beginning to lean upon. These new ways to think about incorporating different colors and styles into the kitchen are likely here to stay - especially with the continued rise of open floor plans and the ability to appreciate these new colors and styles from other areas of the home. 

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