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Denver Kitchen Cabinetry Door Design Possibilities

January 2, 2020

Kitchens are often considered the heart of a home. Serving both as a meal preparation center and family or social gathering spot, it’s one of the rooms inside a residence that receives frequent use. In addition, guests also often interact with homeowners inside the kitchen, meaning many people appreciate having a space that is welcoming and well designed. Not only will this area be a place you interact with on a daily basis, but also one that many will gather as a first impression when visiting your home.

For this and many other reasons, kitchen ideas and design styles range from traditional to contemporary in an effort to suit as many people as possible. No matter your preferred style, there’s something out there for everyone. When it comes to cabinetry, the same rule applies except for the facing. While putting appliances in specific locations may be predetermined by existing factors (electrical, space, flow, etc.) the seemingly endless options available for cabinet doors are only limited by personal preference of the facing.

Selecting a full faced door hides the interior and allows for homeowners to have their pick of color and style. These cabinet doors are often matching throughout the kitchen, both above and below the counter. In addition, this option can also be combined with the following facing opportunities to create different looks based on personal preference.

The most popular option to install throughout a majority of the kitchen, closed cabinet doors have been around forever and remain a solid choice for any project. 


Another option available to homeowners is to have cabinet doors with a see-thru front. This allows a peek into the cabinets and is typically constructed of glass, although this isn’t the only option. Plastics and even wire can also be used to employ the design that provides a look into the cabinet contents.

In addition, a smoky or textured glass can also be used to provide a different style without exposing the interiors. This is a solid option for those who appreciate the look of glass front cabinets but may not wish for anyone and everyone to view what’s inside.


The concept of open shelving is not new but provides a more contemporary feel to kitchens. Instead of having any face at all, the shelves are exposed within a kitchen without complete cabinet construction. Used above counters, these areas can provide great places for displaying important pieces or other special items. Usually combined with some other cabinet facing option, when styled correctly, these spaces add a unique look to any kitchen.

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