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Denver Countertops: Quartz and Granite Share Important Similarities

February 5, 2020

Both quartz and granite countertops offer homeowners a virtually indestructible surface material option for their construction needs. Regardless of if you are in the midst of a remodeling project or building a brand new kitchen (or other applicable area, i.e. bathroom) from the ground up - having a suitable and reliable material is extremely important. The flexibility offered to property owners who choose to install a natural stone surface is virtually endless. While choosing the appropriate material does require some research, two of the typical front-runners offer individuals many of the same benefits.

Both granite and quartz each possess their own unique properties but determining if one is actually better than the other can prove to be a difficult task. Depending on your personal preference and style, these two natural stone countertops can probably both be adjusted to fit your needs although the battle continues about quartz vs. granite countertops for many homeowners. While granite may possess a more natural feel with noticeable veining and other indications of solid rock formations, quartz too shares some similar properties.

Each of these three critical factors for ensuring you are getting the best countertop surface span both options equally.


Being a natural stone component (quartz) and literal rock (granite), each has tremendous durability and will likely outlast many of the other features within a home. From the roof to windows, one area property owners will not have to worry about replacing is the countertop, regardless of which material is ultimately chosen.


While there may be a few more steps to taking care of granite countertops, neither surface requires any painstaking maintenance. Once sealed, the occasional wipe down and general cleaning should keep your surfaces looking great for years to come.


Depending on if you’re trying to achieve a specific color or if you favor a more natural look, are essentially the two main factors for which surface may be best suited for your space. Both will increase the value of the area where they are applied, aesthetically and monetarily, with each offering distinct character depending on personal preference. Granite tends to have more of a natural look than quartz but both are similarly distinct.

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