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Denver Bathroom Dual Sink Advantages

March 5, 2020

One of the most intriguing aspects taking over real estate design in recent years is the incorporation of two sinks within a master, guest, or any other bathroom located in a home. This increase from one traditional sink has been historically well received and is growing in popularity for a number of different reasons.

The inclusion of this design is almost a given when used in combination with a Jack and Jill bathroom (one bathroom shared between two bedrooms with entrances from each) but is also increasingly being installed within master bedrooms. Whether you in the process of building a new construction or completing plans for a bathroom renovation, consider each of the following advantages to utilizing two sinks within a shared space
Time Saver
First a foremost, the incorporation of two sinks is a definite time saver. Whether in a master bedroom shared by a couple or used between two bedrooms, having two sinks available for use saves a tremendous amount of time. Instead of having to wait for availability or drag belongings and personal items to another area of the home, two people can complete their daily routines in a timely fashion without the wait.

Two sinks creates a unique opportunity for matching fixtures and creating a modern or traditional look depending on the style selected. In addition, two sinks also can help eliminate countertop clutter as a by product of its use.

Obviously the use of dual sinks is going to cost some flat top counter space but the trade off is often more cabinet storage space underneath. Extra plumbing will be needed to add an additional sink and this usually allows for additional under-counter areas for storage when the two sink system is used.

Personal Touch
Two sinks also allows those who are responsible for sharing the space to typically have their own personal space. If installed within a master bathroom, both parties can keep their personal belongings in relation to the sink they are using. Creating a personal feel and area for each person is another major benefit of installing two sinks within a bathroom.

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