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Denver Bathroom 2020 Design Trends

April 9, 2020

Homeowners too often complete remodeling projects on areas of the home that receive little use. Revamping a bedroom, entrance way, or even landscaping can enhance the look of a home but the benefits are often short lived. If you’re interested in making an impactful change to your residence, consider revitalizing an outdated or poorly designed bathroom. Not only can these changes potentially increase the overall value of your property but they also occur in an area that is used far more often.

Whether you are upgrading a guest bath, master bath, shared bath or any combination, there are a few common design trends which are rising in popularity. The good news about these specific traits are the timeless patterns which are expected to be around for many more years. In addition to classic tile ideas for your bathroom, consider each of these other following design traits to incorporate new components into your home and leave your bathroom refreshed and ready to leave a quality impression.  

Open Concept
The open floor plan concept has finally waded into the bathroom. After moving from galley style kitchens and closed off sections for each area of a home, the trend to take down walls and expand living areas is now more commonplace. The same is now true for bathrooms as well. Creating open areas and utilizing either glass or even doorless showers opens a world of possibilities for your space.

Big Tubs
Coinciding with these open floor plans is the ability to install oversized tubs. Instead of prefabricated and molded components which were previously used during home construction, stand alone and even garden style tubs are making a comeback this year. Turn your bathroom into a personal spa with the ability to relax comfortably after a hard day’s work.

Color Splash
Black and white have always been traditional bathroom colors and while this may still ring true, the ability to add in an accent of color is also important. Whether utilizing tile mosaics, a colored tub, or countertops - putting a splash of color into your bathroom can not only help to create a sense of flair but also provide a way to break up any monotony.  

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