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Denver Kitchen Cabinet Space Enhancing Ideas for Small Areas

June 24, 2020

Utilizing storage space is extremely important for any homeowner, but for those who live in apartments or are limited by their square footage it becomes even more relevant. Instead of being able to simply place items anywhere at their discretion, it takes a plan and thought process about exactly where each plate, bowl, utensil, or kitchen device should be located. Maximizing the amount of storage with limited area takes on a whole new meaning when one is dealing with physical limitations on space but maintains a desire to cook and entertain.

Many consider a kitchen to be the most important room in your home for a variety of different reasons. From being the area where literal survival takes place as individuals prepare meals to serving as an entertainment area for friends and family - the kitchen is not only one of the most used rooms in a home but also a space that many visitors will be exposed to as well. In order to maximize space if you’re limited in this area, consider each of the following ideas.  

Open Shelving
While cabinets and drawers are necessities, consider utilizing some unused wall space for the implementation of open shelving. This immediately adds another space for storage of many different kitchen necessities without intruding into another area or requiring an additional expansion. Glasses, cups, or even spices can all make a nice addition on an open shelf while freeing up some storage space inside an already installed cabinet.

Shelf Adjustment
Just because you inherited shelf placement doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Just as you move around furniture and place pictures or art on your walls to fit your desires and style, so too can you move the shelf heights within the cabinets. Doing so can help to fit in other objects in order to maximize the already limited amount of space available.

Utilizing storage containers which are stackable is both an easy way to keep up with them and their lids. Instead of having drawers or cabinets filled with random tops to containers which are located elsewhere, using stackable components can help to free up some much needed useful space.

Wall Space
Floor to ceiling cabinets, pantry, drawers, or closets are also another way to maximize space within a limited environment. Doing so can not only create more available storage opportunities, but has also become a modern trend for kitchens which are compromised by their layout or limited floor plan.

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