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Denver Kitchen Cabinetry Trends To Watch In 2021

December 10, 2020

Following 2020, there is hope for a brighter and better 2021 once the calendar flips to the new year. As it does, hopefully things will return to some sense of normalcy following a year of virtual meetings, social distancing, and a halt to many large gatherings. The unexpected break from life’s everyday hussle and extended time spent in our homes has led many to turn their focus inward. In doing so, a lot of households elected to spend some time and energy on projects related to their current living conditions. These improvements were often desired ideas but ones which people rarely have the time to consider completing. It also led to a rise in new interior design trends and objectives for the coming year.

Pandemic home remodeling is booming and an expected continuance in 2021 could follow. One area which will help generate the best return on your investment is the kitchen. Always a hot spot of the home, improving an area where many Americans are now spending additional time will only help your bottom line in the event the property is ever sold. Following are some of the biggest expected trends for the new year.

Contrasting Colors

Dark countertops and light cabinetry or vice versa is something that has been trickling into homes during the past few years. Entering 2021, expectations are the trend will sky rocket as a way to expand upon the contrasting kitchen island idea. The differing colors adds a new sense of depth to the area and highlights both the countertops and cabinetry equally.

Floor To Ceiling

Storage spaces which extend from the ground up are also becoming the new norm in homes across America. This extra space essentially allows individuals to receive the most “bang for their buck” in terms of useful space. Instead of having to decorate or find ways to dress up unused areas - such as the tops of your cabinets, consider having them extend to the ceiling and get the most usage possible out of your area.


Cabinets without hardware and streamlined installation patterns are also growing in popularity. This modern approach allows for a clean look throughout the space and saves in having to determine exactly what hardware should be implemented throughout the kitchen.

Wood Finish

Another popular look rising in kitchens is the installation of a wood finish across the cabinetry. Another way to incorporate natural materials and color schemes into the home, this look can really compliment a granite or natural stone countertop well.

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