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Denver Countertop Remodeling Considerations Beyond The Material

February 11, 2021

Deciding on a countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom is one of the most difficult decisions to make when building a new home or remodeling an existing space. Advances in technology and improvements to the many natural stone options available provide homeowners with an abundance of options, designs, and opportunities that meet the needs of everyone regardless of budget or design style. However, once this decision is made, there are still plenty of other items to consider.

Understanding how a kitchen renovation can affect value is important but other factors are just as influential to both the current residents and any future potential buyers. For both the kitchen and bathroom, there are design considerations which must be given attention in order to maximize a remodeling effort.

Depending on the current status of your home and individual preferences, color options can vary considerably. For those in their “forever home” choosing something a little more bold is a consideration as it will be something they can enjoy for the years to come. Opposite, individuals in a starter home or who may move in the future should select something more popular to a wider audience in order to still reap the benefits of a potential remodeling project down the road.

Maximizing countertop space in both the kitchen and bathroom is essential for each environment. Both areas must also be functional and getting the absolute most surface usage in each can really make them extremely more serviceable. Consider the design or adding in an island, peninsula, or separate section all together to get the most out of your surfaces.

Both areas are going to receive a lot of daily use and ensuring that cooking tasks can be completed efficiently needs to be addressed. In addition, the bathroom should also have a natural flow from washing and bathing areas to the sink(s).

Another item for homeowners to consider is whether or not they wish to incorporate the same countertop materials within the entire property. Doing so can really tie together both areas of a home despite them existing in separate spaces. However, this option may not be for everyone and others may wish to divide the home and create separate identities all together, each with their own unique touch. Either way, it is just another idea which must be considered when completing a remodeling effort in your kitchen and/or bathroom.

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