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Denver Kitchen Island Benefits

April 9, 2021

A kitchen often serves as more than simply a place to prepare meals and store food while keeping your random items tucked away inside a dedicated junk drawer. As a common gathering area for family, friends, and guests, the kitchen could arguably be considered the center of any home. Serving as a vital component, it is no wonder that many individuals focus on their design and the importance of having a kitchen that creates a warm and inviting environment, however, space often becomes an issue.

It may seem odd to add an item in order to generate more space but a kitchen island can do just that for your home. The key revolves around creating useful areas and islands are the epitome of functionality. A kitchen remodel is one home improvement that pays off in the event of a future sale, but installing an island gives you increased usefulness right now.  

Work Space

An island immediately gives homeowners extra work space when preparing their own meals or entertaining. This new surface can be used for either serving ready to eat food or getting items prepared for cooking. However it’s used, creating additional countertop space is an added bonus in any kitchen. 


Added countertop space isn’t the only benefit of a new kitchen island. Below, new storage areas become available to help stow pots and pans or kitchen items which used to take up space just sitting atop the counters when not in use. One new trend has been to include major components of a kitchen within the island, such as microwaves, sinks, or even cooktops.


A less formal seating area can also come in handy for families when time doesn’t allow for a fully prepared meal around the dinner table or when entertaining. Depending on the exact size and shape of your new addition, anywhere from two to four new seats typically become available. 


If your island is permanent then the opportunity to add more electrical outlets is a real possibility. Doing so can provide homeowners extra places for plugging in seldom used items - mixers, toasters, griddles, etc. or simply provide a new place to charge phones or other items.

An island may become the centerpiece to your kitchen and can definitely add a place for individuals to express their own personal touch. Islands can either be matched to existing cabinetry or serve as a contrasting piece to create some flair. In addition, the new countertop may be treated the same - either matching what has already been installed or choosing something completely new.

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