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Denver Bathroom Vanity Trends

Bathroom space is one key factor many prospective homeowners take into consideration when looking at different properties. Not only are the physical components of each bath important, but storage opportunities are especially critical. From guest bathrooms to the primary, or even in a smaller half-bath, having the ability to store necessary toiletry items, extra stock, and towels are all things buyers are looking for in addition to current homeowners. Even if you’re not in the market for a new piece of real estate, sprucing up the storage in your existing home can improve your feelings about the current available space while also increasing property value.

A bathroom vanity is a quick and easy way to add style and storage to your home. Offering countertop and drawer or cabinet areas to keep items stowed away, there are many different styles from which to choose. Some more recent options have been growing in popularity among homeowners including each of the following:


Floating vanity options can feature multiple or single sink setups and typically offer a fair amount of storage and countertop space. The modern aspect presents the vanity as a focal point within a bathroom and highlights the design style associated with distinct lines and geometric shapes. 

Vessel Sinks

No matter if you decide upon a one or two-sink vanity, vessel sinks offer more countertop space than other styles. Sinks sitting atop the surface offer more space for storage and day-to-day use of the additional available area.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks rose to popularity in kitchens and their unique style and upkeep options make them as big a hit in the bathroom. With the undermount design, the typical lip created along countertops is removed. Now, instead of having to clean excessively to keep this area looking nice, wiping down the surface is extremely easy. 

Dual Sinks

Dual sinks not only can help couples save time in the bathroom but it also usually comes along with additional storage space. By having a vanity that supports two sinks, the cabinet space and countertops are often also extended - especially among the area between each basin.

Open Shelving

Another modern aspect gaining popularity within the vanity world is open shelving. Instead of closing off the storage with cabinet doors, some homeowners are electing to leave these areas wide open for easy access and a unique look.          

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