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Denver Kitchen Cabinetry: Perks of Peninsula Design

September 9, 2021

Designing or remodeling a kitchen can pay big dividends for homeowners. Not only are these upgrades traditionally beneficial for property value but implementing personal desires and characteristics in such a high traffic area is also helpful. Not only will homeowners be able to reap the immediate benefits of their changes but typically, these improvements also help maximize work flow throughout the area. Being able to move freely in space, while maximizing productivity is an important aspect for nearly all individuals.

Kitchen peninsula ideas are also relevant for those who may wish to incorporate the use of an island but are restricted by their given layout or budget constraints. If space or money limit the availability of this feature, a peninsula kitchen can help remedy the situation while providing numerous benefits associated with its use. If you’re involved in designing a new construction kitchen or simply hoping to improve an existing layout, consider these handful of positives with peninsula use.

Extra Storage

A peninsula immediately provides users with extra cabinetry and storage areas. Depending on the size of your peninsula, there may even be access to the new space from either side of the bar. In addition, these cabinets are typically larger and can be designed to hold bigger items which may not receive everyday use inside the kitchen such as crockpots, instapots, coffee pots, can openers, etc., saving valuable countertop surfaces.

Extra Seating

Along with the additional storage, many peninsulas are also often created with a few extra seats in mind. Not only does this serve as a breakfast bar or quick place to grab a meal, but it can also add to the interactions while utilizing this room. Engagement and entertaining are two common characteristics associated with the kitchen and these additional spaces for residents or guests can be helpful.

Open Floor Plan Barrier

Inside an open floor plan home, the peninsula can act as a natural barrier between the kitchen and other living areas. Be it the dining room or living room, having a break to distinguish between each space without utilizing a wall can be really helpful.

Extra Space

Not only will a peninsula kitchen offer additional storage and seating, but it can also provide much needed countertop space. Whether it is used as a solid surface option, cooktop, sink, or other feature, creating the design style that best fits needs inside your home should be a priority.

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