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Denver Kitchen Design Trends For 2022

January 4, 2022

Annual trends in home design can fluctuate considerably from one year to the next and there are certain aspects that tend to gain momentum when the calendar turns over. While some historic home design options have grown into mainstays across the country - such as hardwood floors, natural stone countertops, and more - the tendency for this year’s feature items is also something that may flourish into a mainstay in homes everywhere down the road.

Many of the 2021 kitchen trends focused on storage and during a year that saw remodeling projects aplenty, expectations are some of these characteristics will carry over. Kitchens are composed of various different components (flooring, cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting, sink(s), hardware, etc.) and no matter your remodeling budget, homeowners can find attainable upgrades to improve the look and feel of their current property. If you’re in the market for a change, consider some of these design trends expected to rise in the new year.  

Rounded Edges

When selecting countertops one of the most overlooked or at least secondary considerations is the edge type to be used. There are a variety of different options out there to choose from but rounded edges are rising in popularity. Creating a more inviting environment while replacing sharp edges and sitelines, rounded edges are gaining momentum.

Colors (Natural, Green, Blue)

Kitchen color trends of green and blue recently burst onto the scene and are expected to continue throughout this year. In addition, natural wood finishes are also likely to become more commonplace either as cutting boards/blocks, seating, trim work, or through various other uses in the kitchen.

Cabinet Door Highlights

Highlighting cabinet doors and creating focal points throughout the space is another area expected to be given consideration during the year. By creating these unique pieces or mixing and matching designs, homeowners can help set their kitchen apart.

Accessible Shelving

Open shelving concepts have seen moderate adoption across housing markets but traditional cabinetry with some accessible shelving remains relatively new. Adding a single, long, open shelf as a highlight point or two to three smaller versions around work stations such as the sink or stove is not only useful but also allows for more ways to incorporate design and decorations into your space.

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