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Denver Kitchen Cabinetry And Other Current Ideas

May 6, 2022

One of the most popular rooms to upgrade within a home is the kitchen. Depending on when your residence was built, there may be a need for improvements, but this is one area that owners also typically like to style and model at their own discretion. A lot of time will be spent in this area conducting meal prep, baking for fun, or grabbing a snack and with an island, bar, or other seating area it can also quickly transform into a place to eat. If so, both the usage and functionality of this space will increase dramatically. For these reasons, having your own layout, style, and design preferences can be especially important.

Many consider a kitchen to be the most important room in the home due to a relatively recent transition from simply a food storage location to living area. Taking over from the living room, families, individuals, and many others are now spending more time in the kitchen - together - than many other places inside a home. As this trend continues, so too do the modifications and available upgrades for homeowners to personalize their space. Current kitchen cabinetry trends are continually evolving while also offering a nod to days past.

Color - White

The traditional kitchen color, white, remains a popular choice for cabinetry in brand new kitchens and as a remodel option. Creating a clean and inviting environment, having white cabinets also opens up a wide range of options for many other details throughout this room.

Backsplash - Tile

Creating a custom designed backsplash has been expanding ever since subway tiles burst onto the scene. As patterns and personalization options expand, so too do the opportunities for homeowners to incorporate a unique and personalized tile backsplash into their kitchen.

Countertops - Quartz

Ever since granite burst onto the interior design scene, other natural stones have also experienced an increase in demand. One in particular, quartz, has exploded in popularity and continues to be utilized as a countertop option in kitchens across the country.

Hardware - Metal Mix

No detail should be overlooked but kitchen cabinetry hardware is one item which needs extra attention. A small component in the overall room, these knobs, pulls, and hinges will add considerably to your finished product when properly selected. 

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