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Using Quartz in Your Denver Remodel

November 6, 2015

Over the past few years, Denver kitchen remodeling has shifted away from the old laminate countertops and into natural stones like quartz. The reasons for these changes are varied, but chief among them is the desire to enhance the kitchen in the most dramatic way possible while increasing home value and adding longevity. Nothing has quite the visual impact as new countertops. So, why are so many homeowners going with quartz these days? HTI has come up with the most popular reasons from our extensive experience installing and working with this beautiful, engineered stone.
  • Variety of Color – Even though some quartz counters are made from large slabs of quarried stone, the engineered versions are stronger, less porous, and because they’re made form 95% ground natural quartz, and a 5% polymer resin, the sheer variety of colors available is massive. The polymer resin means your kitchen can have bright white quartz to compliment a home with abundant natural light, or even go to the darker end of any color to keep with the rustic motif of many Colorado homes. Feeling ultra-modern or throwback nostalgic? Varieties like lime greens and metallic blues can be made to fit any style.
  • Tough Yet Flexible – Like natural stones, quartz has many edging options.  Engineered quartz is held in place with glue and epoxy rather than screws, allowing for more design possibilities than natural stone.  While the surface is rock solid and is easily maintained, it does not have the seams and fissures usually found in natural stone.  Due to the non-porous quality to engineered quartz, it is far less likely to be a hot spot for mildew and germs. Some manufacturers mix an antimicrobial compound to aid in fighting germs.
  • Inexpensive and Environmentally Friendly – For all the variety and options available, you may be surprised to find out engineered quartz is comparable in price to stones like granite. Because quartz can be broken down and engineered with a polymer resin to be shaped, it doesn’t have the high overhead costs that come with large slabs that need to be quarried, and then hauled over long distances. All of these factors also add to the environmental impact of the less common natural stones, and reduce the costs down to the consumer.
At HTI Granite and Cabinetry, we don’t work exclusively with granite, but stones like engineered quartz as well because we believe every remodel should have the gift of variety and choice. Adding value to your home, updating your kitchen to be the focal point, staying within your budget, and friendlier for the environment than other processed materials and natural stones, we’re confident you’ll see the wide range of benefits this gorgeous and versatile stone can bring to your Denver kitchen remodel. Contact us today for a quote on your countertop and cabinetry needs. We are proudly located in Denver and serve the entire Front Range.