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The Pros and Cons of Silestone in Denver

If you’re having your home built or looking to remodel your Denver home, you may have heard about Silestone, an alternative to granite and other natural stones. Silestone countertops are made of a mixture of over 90% quartz and a polyester resin to bind all the materials together. This results in some of the most beautiful and durable countertops on the market. HTI Granite & Cabinetry has come up with a simple list of pros and cons to consider when debating whether or not you should use Silestone in your home.

Pro – Diversity: Silestone can be used in any room in the home but tends to be used in kitchens and bathrooms due to its non-porous makeup. Aesthetically speaking, Silestone is loaded with advantages. The shear number of colors and patterns available makes it one of the go-to materials for homes throughout Colorado. You’re practically guaranteed to find a match for the look and style of your remodel. Due to its characteristic sparkle and shimmer from the quartz, Silestone catches the light in ways other finishes don’t. This is why it can be used in floors and walls as much as it’s used as a countertop material.

Con – Not Indestructible:
We don’t want to make it sound like Silestone is weak or brittle, it certainly isn’t. Most natural stone has some of the same basic qualities that require more attention than completely man-made materials. Silestone has some issues with heat resistance. This means you shouldn’t place hot pans and stoves directly onto the countertop’s surface (much as you wouldn’t with practically any surface, not matter what it is made from). Using trivets and coasters, or even potholders to keep hot metal from touching the countertop surface can easily solve this problem.

Pro – Still Stronger than Average: Though Silestone may not be the most heat resistant on the market, it is made to be stain resistant and withstand some very hard wear and tear. It is highly scratch resistant and does not chip easily. These attributes combined with its non-porous nature make it extremely easy to clean and keep clean. Silestone – in contrast to almost every natural stone countertop on the market – does not ever require a sealer. This makes it one of the lowest maintenance countertops available today.

Con – Luxury Material/Luxury Expense: Silestone is going to be a slightly higher price per surface area than some of the cheaper man-made materials available. The higher price is well worth it. With a fantastic aesthetic value, long-lasting durability, and extensive catalogue of colors and finishes, it isn’t difficult to see why the material costs a little more, but is also growing in popularity.HTI Granite & Cabinetry has the experts to answer all of your questions about Silestone. Contact us today for a quote on all of your remodel or new home needs. Located in Denver and serving the entire Front Range, we’re here to help you.