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Top Denver Cabinetry Trends

December 4, 2015

It is generally accepted that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With so much time and so many memories created in this area of the house, upgrades to this single room can make a huge impact on the overall value of your home. If you are considering replacing or upgrading your current kitchen cabinetry, there are a number of top Denver cabinetry trends to choose from. Take a look at these six trends for some inspiration no matter what your design style is.
Minimalist Design
Cabinetry with sleek, clean lines and subdues design elements are gaining popularity. The simplicity in cabinet door styles aids in the long-term flexibility of the design. This minimalist style also works well in a number of design styles, such as rustic, modern, and transitional, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade the cabinets in their kitchen.
Shaker Style
Similar to the modern minimalist look, the classic appeal of shaker cabinetry has remained popular for a number of years. This style is ideal for allowing the beauty of the wood to shine through. Consider shaker-style kitchen cabinets if you want a clean, traditional look that will stand the test of time.
Gray and Neutrals
While white kitchen cabinets continue to be a popular option, the use of gray and other neutral colors on cabinetry is on the rise, as well. The neutral colors provide a refined, earthy appearance that complements a number of different design elements. Using a more subdued color on the cabinets also allows you the opportunity to add splashes of bold color elsewhere without having to change up your cabinets.
Functional Design
While aesthetics are important, nothing trumps functionality in a kitchen. This is why new cabinet designs are balancing both a beautiful appearance with a design that provides better storage, access, and organization to your kitchen. These design aspects include details like extra drawers under lower cabinets, containers or extra drawers in upper cabinets, pull-out shelving, and the use of Lazy Susans.
Horizontal Orientation
Cabinets have traditionally had a more vertically-inclined layout, however, horizontal cabinets are becoming more and more common. Wider widths make it less necessary to stack cabinets. These horizontal cabinets provide easier access to items inside and create a sleek, refined look.
Tech Integrations
Staying connected through technology is becoming increasingly important in every aspect of our lives. Because of the dominance of tech, many kitchens are integrating things like built-in charging stations and tablet holders into the cabinetry. This allows for convenient hands-free functionality regardless of what you are working on.
No matter what style or functionality you are after for your kitchen, HTI Granite can help create the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your needs. For more inspiration, take a look at our Cabinets Gallery. And if you are ready to take the heart of your home to a new level, contact us today and see how we can turn your kitchen dreams into reality.