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Best Wood Species for Denver Kitchen Cabinets

January 8, 2016

Remodeling your kitchen cabinets can be a big decision, but it pays off when you see the finished product. Many different wood species can be used for kitchen cabinets, and they can be difficult to keep track of. Understanding the differences between the best wood species for Denver kitchen cabinets can help you pick which ones you want in your home.


Maple wood is commonly utilized for kitchen cabinets in Denver. Maple typically features a creamy white to light brown color that provides the cabinets with a smooth, elegant and graceful appearance. The maple cabinets also usually display a uniform and attractive grain pattern that streaks vertically from the top-down and that maintains consistency among the various cabinets. Another benefit of using maple is that the light shade of the wood often enables the kitchen to appear larger, which can help maximize the comfortable atmosphere and spacious quality of your kitchen. Additionally, maple wood is very versatile and can accommodate a diverse range of different types of styles, stains and finishes.  


Cherry is one of the premier choices for kitchen cabinets. The reddish brown color of the cherry wood exhibits a rich and luxurious beauty that can enhance your kitchen with a striking appearance and a dramatic ambiance. Although cherry tends to be slightly more expensive than many other wood species, the superior durability and exceptional quality of the cabinets allow them to last for extensive periods of time without fading or incurring damages. The comprehensive ability of the color to match other kitchen features is also a benefit of cherry cabinets. For instance, cherry cabinets can conveniently match most colors and designs that you might use for the countertops, appliances, and floors of your kitchen.


Oak represents one of the top wood species used for Denver kitchen cabinets. While oak wood generally displays either light or dark shades of brown, you can choose from a diverse range of possible colors when selecting which oak shade is most appropriate for your home. Many people enjoy oak cabinets because of the attractive grain patterns on the wood. For example, the oak cabinets often display intricate grain designs and elaborate knot patterns that can adorn your kitchen with a natural splendor and a rustic beauty. Oak is also beneficial due to the durability of the wood, for the hard dexterity of oak provides a strong texture and a powerful appearance. Additionally, Oak is relatively more affordable than most other kitchen cabinet wood species options.

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