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The Top 2 Best Bathroom Countertop Materials

January 28, 2016

If you're remodeling your bathroom, it helps to understand the best countertop materials available in Denver, and the differences between them.  
  1. Granite:  Granite is the premier choice for bathroom countertop materials. Between the style and design patterns, granite is established as the most commonly used surface for bathroom countertops. The material is also revered due to the diversity of designs, styles and colors from which you can choose. The versatility of options should enable you to find the ideal style that can most effectively complement the sink and cabinet features of your bathroom. The durability of Granite is also highly beneficial. The hard stone can remain intact and maintain its color for an extensive period of time without needing to be repaired or replaced. As a result, granite countertops are highly appealing to the eyes and can last for decades.     
  2. Quartz:  You can also use quartz for your Denver bathroom countertop. Quartz is one of the top materials for bathroom countertops because it is relatively affordable and extremely durable. The material is often manufactured as an engineered stone in which resins, colors, and binding materials are added to the quartz crystals. The engineering process can adorn the aesthetic beauty of the material, as the strong colors and impressive designs replicate the appearance of natural stone. The engineered Quartz material is also harder and less porous than almost any other stone material, which makes it the easiest material to clean and maintain. For instance, the low porous level allows the surface to avoid being scratched or damaged by moisture, stress, heat or stains. Additionally, the lack of porosity also prevents the surface from trapping bacteria or germs, which can make it very sanitary and easy to clean.    
Contact HTI Granite to help assist you throughout the bathroom remodeling project. Our expert staff would be glad to provide assistance during every step of the process. We can show you the best countertop materials and designs available, install your ideal bathroom countertops, and help you fulfill a remodeling project that can satisfy the aesthetic desires of your family and enhance the exquisite beauty of your home.