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The Pros and Cons of Using Quartz in Your Denver Kitchen Remodel

February 12, 2016

Remodeling your kitchen and installing new countertops can significantly enhance the beauty of your kitchen and the atmosphere of your home. However, you can choose from many materials when selecting your ideal countertops. More and more often, people are choosing quartz as the premier countertop material because of the many advantages offered by the material. The popularity of quartz continues to grow with the trend of using lighter colors in countertops - and with the benefits in terms of durability and consistency in color, quartz has proven a valued alternative. In many installations, quartz can serve as a muted or less-busy backsplash addition, and can also provide a contemporary design addition to your home. If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project, you should learn about the pros and cons of quartz for your Denver countertops.    



The top Colorado kitchen remodeling companies install quartz countertops due to the superior appearance of the material. Quartz is an engineered stone that is manufactured by combining resins, colors, and binding materials with the quartz crystals. Technological innovations enable the engineered quartz stones to radiate with a prestigious beauty that replicates the appearance of natural stone. Quartz slabs often display a graceful elegance, a radiant shine, and a lavish splendor. As a result, the quartz countertops can substantially adorn the luxurious appearance and prestigious ambiance of your kitchen. Additionally, you can choose from a diverse range of available quartz designs, colors, and styles.  The extensive selection should allow you to find a quartz design and color that best compliments the other features of your kitchen and home.


Denver quartz countertops also contain a low porous level. The low porosity makes the quartz countertops very hard, extremely durable, and relatively easy to maintain. This means your quartz countertops can withstand incurring potential scratches, cracks, chips or dents. The lack of open pores in the material also prevents the quartz countertops from trapping liquid stains, harboring germs, or ensnaring harmful bacteria. This makes the surface highly sanitary and easy to clean. Quartz is also easy to maintain because the low porosity prevents you from needing to have the countertops sealed like other stones. In turn, the high quality and exceptional durability allows the quartz countertops to remain intact for an extensive period of time with minimal maintenance requirements.


Heat Sensitivity

A potential disadvantage of quartz countertops is that the material is slightly sensitive to heat. For instance, the countertops might incur burn marks if you place extremely hot objects on the surface without proper protection and for prolonged stretches of time. You can avoid this hazard and protect your quartz countertops from being burned by simply positioning pads under hot plates, pots, or pans.

Acidic Products

You should also be careful when handling acidic household products around your Denver quartz countertops. Quartz stone is vulnerable to become damaged if products that contain high acidic chemical levels make direct contact with the material. The acidic liquids can facilitate stains, fade the colors, and damage the surfaces of the countertops. Most products display labels regarding high acidity levels to aid in your care, however, it is easy to keep in mind the household products that you should generally avoid when cleaning your countertops including: acidic bleaches, heavy duty cleaners, or rust removing liquids.

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